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Degraded server performance due to Global DDoS Attack
Posted by Support Admin on 30 December 2015 12:55 PM

Our North American servers are currently experiencing degraded performance and occasional downtime due to an ongoing DDoS Attack targeted at the Northern USA.

The attack is being mitigated and normal traffic is returning. This means your website will soon return to its usual high performance.

Here is more information on the current state of the North American DDoS Attack.

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PHP7 is now available for all hosting accounts
Posted by Support Admin on 09 December 2015 2:03 PM

We are pleased to annouce the availability of PHP7 to the general public. You can quickly and easily enable PHP7, or another version of PHP, by following our guide on How to enable PHP7 for your website.

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The End of Hard Drive Failures
Posted by Support Admin on 18 August 2009 1:13 AM
Having your website online and available 24 hours a day is our sole mission at mirahost. In the last few months we have had a series of hard drive failures fighting our ability to provide the impeccable server uptime that we have been providing for nearly 10 years. Hard drive failures are a guaranteed event given the demanding and relentless environment they are placed in. Having to serve information at a moments notice to tens of thousands of people all around the world is enough to make anyones head spin. But it shouldn't result in unexpected downtime or service failure.

We have fallen from our 99.99% uptime, which we have held since November of 1999. And now it is time to get back up.

We are moving to a system that will eliminate the effect of a hard drive failure. How? We are taking 4 individual hard drives per server and mounting them as one physical drive that constantly mirrors and replicates the data across each of the 4 drives. This system can sustain 2 simultaneous hard drive failures and it will keep running until 3 drives fail. This sounds complicated, but what it means for you is simple. It means that when the inevitable hard drive failure arises, you wont ever notice.

On our new system, when a hard drive fails, we will simply replace it and service will be uninterrupted. The server will keep going. Your website will keep going. And our service uptime will climb back up.

We look forward to continuing our mission of keeping your website online 24 hours a day and we appreciate the opportunity you have given us to serve you.

Sterling Ross
Web Systems Director

mirahost - Design, Develop, Host - your online reflection

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